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Partnership for a Drug Free America

Campbell Mithun competed with six other agencies presenting TV spots to the PDFA (the White House group famous for "This Is Your Brain on Drugs") for their Above the Influence series in a highly competitive selection process with a review by their Creative Board made up of ad agency Creative Directors.

Inspired by market research (5k pages!) I interpreted that teens were being more influenced by their friends about drugs than from traditional anti-drug advertising, so I came up with the idea of a teen reflecting the changes drug use has caused back on their friend. This was an ad not to get teens to quit drugs, but to get their friends to get them to quit, which was revolutionary for the PDFA. 

My ‘Mirror’ concept rated the highest of any of their TV spots in both pre- and post-testing (including "This Is Your Brain on Drugs"). Due to this testing, it ran theatrically as well as on TV. I received a congratulatory dinner paid for by the White House and a letter telling me I did a great job from the First Lady. 


Apologies for the low quality, I need to rerip this from tape.