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Bayer Women's Health Franchise

As the sole Creative Director for the entire Bayer Women's Health Franchise for HCPs, I oversaw multiple brands (including Yaz, Beyaz, Mirena, and Natazia). During my tenure, Yaz launched in segmentation, Beyaz launched, Mirena launched segmentation and a new indication, and Natazia launched. All had new strategic development, messaging, campaign creation, and full tactical rollout (including print and tablet visual aids, websites, booths, lunch and learn materials, brochures, and more). 


For the launch of Beyaz, we created a dynamic new lifestyle campaign with plenty of energy. It tied very closely with the consumer work, but had it's own distinct feel based on a mix of graffiti and origami that combined became an immersive world for the patients. This video clip was a screensaver for tablets, booths, and other materials and is an example of how motion energizes the pieces. The launch was extremely successful with sales above expectations.

Let's Talk about Mirena

A year after a new indication launch, Bayer struggled with patients and doctors talking about IUDs. There was stigma from problematic IUDs from a previous generation. In review research, I realized doctors had trouble identifying what patients would be good for an IUD versus other forms of birth control. This campaign was born out of that insight. The patients themselves explain in a manner they wouldn't when actually speaking with a doctor. This artificial dialogue broke down barriers for the doctors to have better conversations with their patients and identify which ones Mirena may be right for. 

Coming years after the original launch, this campaign drove sales to unparalleled heights reinvigorating the brand to the extent that they began research other new IUDs that later launched. 

New Mom

This video series was the core of the new campaign. They were utilized across numerous channels, including web, detail aid, booth, and banner ads. The print campaign was very much a derivative of the video work. 

Doctors were finally able to recognize the need for modern IUDs in a broader audience. 



Natazia Interactive Detail Aid

Natazia Interactive Detail Aid

Bayer wanted Natazia to appear natural without being able to say it was natural. The photography and graphic design elements needed to convey that visually. The natural light with slight lens flare provided a sense of place and reality to the viewer. This was a robust rollout across all typical HCP channels. 

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